TangoDJ's 2022



Noci (Italy) Paola, better Known as Paola Nocitango, is a tango dancer who has lived and worked in Argentina. She is fond of music, particularly of tango music and she became soon one appreciated tdj. She is known for the energy that she succeeds in creating in her evenings. She is always attentive and sensitive to the tastes and desires of the dancers whom she loves to interact with cause they are her inspiration and essential stimulus during the milonga.



Jens-Ingo Brodesser

Fashions come and go! At a DJ-set I try to catch the mood of the moment by observing the dancers and translate this feedback into the tanda. Diversity and changing impulses are the keywords. I like to think of colours and shapes like when you paint a picture. You start at a certain point and let the whole thing evolve. Maybe you tell a story, maybe you are abstract but the most important is that you express something through the music you play and that you make the people dance!

joost 4

Joost Brunsting

Tango music has been my passion for many years. Lots of stays in Buenos Aires have provided even more inspiration. My heart is with the Época de Oro and the years before; it is very satisfying to play the best tangos from this period (with quite a few very rare and surprising gems). I am regularly DJing in The Netherlands and Germany, including Tango Festivals & Encuentros. My DJ set consists of a richly varied mix of energetic and sensitive, romantic tandas. In doing so, I follow the mood and taste of the dancers. From the first to the last tanda the dancers get the right energy. Combined with carefully chosen, lively cortinas, each milonga becomes a FIESTA!

Wolf Weuste

Wolfgang Weuste

Wolfgang has been dancing since 2006 and has grown with great enthusiasm, passion and musicality throughout the years, and is now a regular and familiar face at some of the best dance halls in Europe. He started DJ-ing in 2016 because he wanted to delve even deeper into the music. The music of the 30s and 40s but also some of the 50s, is his preference where he aims to maintain a beautiful energy throughout the milonga. 
In Germany he regularly plays music in Cologne, Wuppertal and in Hamburg.
International Encuentros and Marathons….. Latvia, Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Turkey and Portugal

Benedicte Bomboncito 2

Benedicte Bomboncito

At the end of last milenium, 20 years ago, she met tango and directly fall in love with it ! She learned dancing through regular lessons and many workshops in Europe with well-known maestros. During her trip in Buenos Aires , she concentrated on the classical milongas where she had the chance to be invited by some legends dancers like El Pibe Sarandi, Tete, Flaco Dany and more. Milonga lover, she organised several milonga workhops in Brussels with Ricardo Maceiras and Dany Garcia.She is now travelling for 10 years in all events around Europe. With Jens-Ingo Brodesser, she organize  since 8 years the international tango event ‘la Cita de los Amigos’ in Belgium.  In love with music, she developped with  him ‘Tango Time Travel’, providing high quality digital transfers from restored original shellac and early vinyl records. The foundation of this project is their extensive collection covering repertoire from the whole history of Tango.

jack 2

Jack Rombauts

The Organizer of Encuentro Boca Antwerp and Milonga Milonguera Kwartier in Antwerp. In the 20 years of Tango dancer he evolved to the Milonguero style. He is TDj for more than 10 years, playing sets at Milongas, Festivals and Encuentros in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

He always choose danceable energetic feel good music from the Golden Age Orchestras and always in function of the dancers on the pista.



Is a 100% traditional tango DJ. He combines rhythmic and lyrical tandas to create a dynamic and interesting milonga. The focus of his music lies with anything between the 1920s and 1950s although he has been known to occasionally play a later tango.