Dear Sélys Milonguero friends,
We look forward to meet you at our second edition of Selys Mionguero held at the Van Der Valk hotel Sélys in Liège.
To keep it intimate and intense, we plan to have about 150 people with an equal number of leaders and followers in the beautiful dance hall in the hotel itself.
We expect all participants to dance socially with respect for good tango practice (códigos), such as invitation by mirada and cabaceo, entering the floor in a correct manner, dancing in rondas and lanes, etc.
Registrations start on Tuesday 15 November with priority given to couples (man/woman).
The full package consists of 5 traditional milongas, a pre-miolonga, and an after-party along with a stay at the hotel.
Refreshments will be provided during the milongas. Alcoholic drinks are available at the bar.
See you soon,
Sélys Miolonguero team